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Are you asking yourself, “Am I psychic or am I crazy”? Well, you very well might be crazy (all the best people are) but you are definitely psychic!

The truth is that everyone is born with an intuitive barometer. Yet all too often as children we’re told that our feelings are “silly” or not fact-based. Over time this can disconnect us from what Lightworkers call our 6th sense (connected to the Crown Chakra) or what most folk call a hunch/gut feeling.

How many times have you heard someone remark, “I should’ve gone with my first instinct.” or “I should’ve gone with my gut.”?

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And just about every day someone asks us if we think they could a psychic, they have “the gift”. Our answer is always the same;

“It’s not a ‘gift’ it’s our birthright. You already are a psychic and you’re great at it!”

We see natural skepticism in the way the word “psychic” elicits reactions of disbelief, distrust and often times outright mockery. However, if the same person who says they’re psychic were to simply state, “I have a feeling” reactions tend to be less negative.

In this, it’s not surprising to see a lot of humans – even those diligently walking a spiritual Path – giving up their power. They’ll feel that hunch or gut instinct and just shrug it off.

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Did they say “giving up their power”?

Yes. We sure did.

What does that even mean?

Don’t give up your psychic power!

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Every living thing is born with natural psychic instincts – and for good reason. Knowing when to fight, to flee, who to trust, etc. can, quite literally, save our lives.

When we make decisions that are counter to our own “gut feeling”, our own “psychic abilities”, we are giving up our power to choose. When we ignore that little voice inside we generally end up operating from a place of opposition. When we oppose our natural instinct we create internal confusion because we’re trying to move forward but blindly. This causes us to operate from and place of fear and, often times, panic.

In some cases, when we poo-poo a ‘hunch’, we can quite literally give up our lives.

When we choose to ignore our “higher self”, we have given up the power to be our whole self, our most powerful self. For those walking a spiritual path – who might believe in God, a God source, an infinite creator – this is saying, “I reject the spiritual gift you’ve granted me.”

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Like our very life, psychic abilities and powers are gifts each of us have been granted. No matter how “scientific” and non-spiritual, psychic abilities are hardwired into every living thing. To deny them is to reject a natural part of your ‘self’.

How do I get my psychic powers back?

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Now if you’re sitting there realizing that somewhere along the way you lost faith in your 6th sense, don’t sweat it! You can reactivate that puppy in a number of ways. By far the most important thing is exercising awareness.

You just have to start trusting those little tugs that come from natural intuition. Yes, your logical self will grumble at this. That’s normal. However, you have to start following your inner voice.

If you don’t, you will never know how accurate a coping mechanism it may become.

Try a ‘psychic development’ exercise right now.

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Take a deep breath.

Think about the people and things that surround you. Everything has energy. Everything creates a specific fingerprint in the Aura of your environment. Focus on one item or person and how it makes you feel. Does it make you happy? Anxious? Wary?

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There is a reason you respond that way. Your mind has translated that person or item into a specific meme – a pattern that’s recognizable and to which you can respond.

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Now the activity you just tried isn’t limited to your current situation. Practice it everywhere you go. Heading to the market? Try to get a clairvoyant vision of what or who you might encounter during the trip to and from the store. Keep a notebook with you and write down those fleeting thoughts. Review them later. You’ll begin to see that your instincts develop in clarity the more you exercise them.

Bear in mind psychic development is not a perfect art. You’re going to have false hits and out-right errors. That’s part of the learning process too. Missing the mark but trying again and again helps you discern when you’re truly being intuitive rather than responding to a memory or previous pattern of behavior. Memories are very powerful things.

Let’s put this into an illustration…

You walk past a stranger. It “feels” like you should say hello and strike up a conversation, but you’re finding yourself torn. There are two distinct possibilities. Either this person somehow reminds you of a person you knew before (perhaps they’re wearing the same perfume, same style/color hair, etc.), or your intuition has identified someone with whom you may develop a good connection.

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If you moved past the uncertainty and gave it a try only to discover that perfume lingering in the air – you have now determined that memory guided you more so than your gut.

We like to describe psychic senses like radio tuners. As you practice, you adjust. Eventually you’re internal radio fine-tunes and gives you solid, important information at just the right time.

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Now, everyone’s antenna isn’t the same.

Some folks seem to be like giant satellite dishes, gathering up connections and information with seemingly little effort whatsoever. Other people only get little tinges of awareness. Either person, however, can improve their skill with time and effort.

Your intuitive self is waiting within, it’s just a matter of welcoming it back to your life!

So, am I psychic – really?

If anything you’ve read in this article makes sense to you, resonates with you, ignites your soul – then, yes! You are psychic.

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However, even if you think this article is complete hokum – you’re still psychic. It’s how your brain, heart and solar plexus are hardwired. You may call certain experiences ‘coincidences’ or ‘random synchronicity’ but we prefer not to believe that our lives – this world – is made up of nothing but a string of unconnected, completely chaotic events.

Our advice? Have a little faith, try the short experiment/focus exercise above and see what happens for you. In fact, try it a few times. Be sure to jot down your experiences after each try. Scout’s honor, if you’ll stick with these short psychic development exercises you’ll begin to see your sixth sense getting stronger bit by bit.

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Once you’re confident, then you can (if you so choose) to move on and begin professional psychic development training.

Hope that helps and your question of “Am I psychic?” has been answered.

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